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Propaganda 2021 by BSW Out Now!

Propaganda 2021 by BSW Out Now!

We are proud to announce our 2021 collection PROPAGANDA is out NOW!!!

PROPAGANDA is the BSW community’s action statement to deliberately de-stigmatize cannabis through fashion and information. The BSW creative team came together through our passion to elevate the cannabis community the best ways we know how: collaboration, execution and creative freedom. Our goal is to bring awareness to the factors that got us to where we are today: well over six million prohibition related arrests in over a decade, and Black people are still more likely to be arrested for possession in every state, including those that have legalized the plant.

Through advocacy, education, and engagement BSW’s Propaganda Campaign mobilizes industry stakeholders to advance solutions for social, economic, and environmental change. We have individuals that have contributed to advocating for safe access of medicine (Denis Peron, Mary Jane Rathbun), for sustainability (Jack Herer), for freedom of practice (Bob Marley); but we also have those led the cannabis prohibition movement with systemic racism and special interests (Harry Anslinger, Hearst, and Presidents Nixon and Reagan)

BSW collaborated with East Coast-based artist Brie Brewer to create the brands heros vs villains theme. Brie Brewer is a NYC-based mover, shaker and dream-maker with a knack for creative magic. She is Co-Founder and Art Director of CannaContent, a digital marketing agency specializing in hemp and cannabis. She is also Founder of the Proud Marry Network, a nationwide platform elevating LGBTQ+ voices and representation in the cannabis industry. Her digital collage works showcase queerness, beauty and diversity to shine light on equity in the cannabis space and beyond.

We also collaborated with SoCal-based graphic artist Emilio Carrillo, founder of Sickass Ind. (@sickassind). Carrillo is a proud third generation Mexican American born in Monrovia, CA. During his younger years between the ages of one to fifteen Emilio was heavily influenced by the west coast lifestyle. From the Chicano Culture, to the fashion, to the cars, to the art scene, all of which has provided him with so much inspiration and motivation.

About Boycott Shitty Weed (BSW)

WE ARE A MOVEMENT. Who we are is a brand that dares to be blunt without compromising creativity. Recognizes high quality cannabis heals, and contributes to wellness, culture and lifestyle. We take a stand and take pride in making a subtle yet loud statement about living our best life. No status quo. No hype. No settling. No bull.

Our community is made up of high-achieving, ambitions creatives with a knack for self-expression and a proactive spirit to be catalyst for change, not only for the plant itself, but for underrepresented communities such as women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, entrepreneurs, and military veterans.



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